Tom Onslow-Cole has continued his partnership with British premium exhaust manufacturer Milltek Sport for the eighth consecutive season and is planning some exciting activation to promote its new products and events.
Milltek Sport recorded impressive growth in 2017, particularly in Germany and wider Europe where OC has been racing, and the brand is looking to promote a new range of products to its expanded customer base.
Responding to a changing market place, Milltek Sport has developed an Active Sound system, which allows customers to customise the exhaust sound of their combustion engine or create a realistic and exciting exhaust note for electric vehicles.
“I’m a massive tech-lover so the Active Sound system is right up my street,” said OC. “Not only does it enhance and intensify exhaust notes but it also adds a sound to electric vehicles, which not only makes them cooler but also safer, as pedestrians can hear them coming.”
The Milltek Innovations brand will also be growing its range following successful sales of its racing simulator launched last year. The new European headquarters, based at the Nürburgring, will provide the manufacturing facilities to create simulator frames developed alongside OC, who uses his own home-sim for race preparation.
“Milltek Innovation have been really smart here,” OC continued. “They have taken the industry gold-standard audio-visual, pedal, steering, seat and control systems and then built a sim frame around them, creating a non-compromised set-up. It’s also pretty cool that your sim frame is made by the same company that makes the strong, light-weight, high-performance exhaust on your car.”
OC will also be getting his hands on some of the Milltek Sport fleet again this year starting with the new VW up! GTI. “Now, this looks like a lot of fun!” said OC. “I’ll be creating loads of cool content for our social media channels so keep an eye out.
“I’m looking forward to another great season of collaborations with Milltek Sport. We have a busy year together and I can’t wait to get started".
If you want to meet OC, he’ll be attending Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Sim Expo at the Nürburgring with Milltek Sport and a list of his races is available at tomonslowcole.com.